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This is the 8mm film that Cpt. Jim Eberhardt shot in Africa (Chad? Central African Republic?) in 1991. I have reformatted it for web publication, but otherwise the original footage is unchanged. The footage begins and ends where this video does.

At the time this film was shot, Eberhardt's journals indicate he had a broken arm. Shortly thereafter (over 40 days by Eberhardt's count, less than a month according to his wife's recall), Eberhardt appeared in New York City, after which he traveled to Columbus to join his wife, who does not mention a broken arm or any injuries. How Cpt. Eberhardt traveled from Africa to New York is a mystery.

What is the formation featured in the film? Is this what Eberhardt means when he refers to a "spike"? Here, questions lead us only to harder questions, and ultimately to disturbing conclusions. The formation is clearly very large, judging by the buildings at its foot. It appears to be natural in composition, if natural is the right word: perhaps igneous rock (along the lines of the Devil's Tower or the Devil's Postpiles, or the Giant's Causeway in Ireland. I am convinced these names are not insignificant). Igneous rock would account for the hexagonal formations at various points (the extremities) on the edifice, and for the overall smoky color.

But this formation also shows disturbingly organic shapes: grotesque rounded bulges, and most notably the "spine" curving up the upper mid-section. And why is the formation hexagonal only in places, with rounded rock bunched around those places? Is the formation accreting, as crystal does? At the same time, the pile of loose, upheaved rock at its base may imply a period (perhaps ongoing) of a different kind of growth.